Send a Family To DisneyWorld

Kiera's Kindness is trying to send a family to Disneyworld.  Currently, Disney World is holding a contest at  Disneyworld was probably Kiera's most favorite place in the world (Wet'n'Wild water park being a close second).  Some of her best memories  - making the memories of her family there some of the most cherished.  Kiera wants another child to be able to have those same cherished memories with their family as well, so if we are selected we are going to donate the trip to the Make a Wish Foundation. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Make a Wish - it is one of the most wonderful charities out there.  Sometimes when you can't save the life of a child, you increase the joy.  Make a Wish takes children with life threatening illnesses and grants that child's wish.  They make children a superhero for a day, send them to Africa,  and of course send families to Disneyland and Disneyworld

We have submitted a video of Kiera's Disneyworld trip in hopes that she would win and be able to donate the trip to a family who will get to have the memories that Kiera also cherished.