Kiera's Kindness 2017

Kiera's Kindness Day 2017!!


Our 12 Days of Kindness have been amazing. We, Kiera's family, are truly humbled by all your efforts to spread kindness in her name.


We had over 50 kind acts done and posted in our 12 Days!!


Our feelings for Kiera cannot be put into words, but the love all of you have shown is like balm to our wounds and it heals our broken hearts, and from the bottom of those hearts, we thank you. Thank you so very much.


It's the 12 Days of Kindness!!!

June 29th is Kiera's birthday and we are going to start a Kindness challenge!! We are going to challenge 5 people to do something kind, and then pass the challenge to more people.

Today we took kitten milk and food to the Boulder City Animal Shelter. They have 24 new kittens that need homes!!

We now challenge Amy Offenberger Ewell, Allison Taylor, Jaime Parke, Vanessa Ward, Ann Inabnitt

Do something kind and challenge your friends!! Don't forget to post it to our page and/or #kieraskindness

And you don't have to wait for a challenge to participate. We would love to see friends outside Las Vegas area participate!!

PS adopting a kitten totally counts as a Kindness 😹


A lot of work done today.

We finally got our "Kindness Unicorns" and pins in this week.  So I have been working on the site trying to get the Shopping Cart system up (not quite finished).  There is more work than I anticipated in getting everything done.  And it is quite a learning experience.  Anyways, the unicorns look great.  The first 50 came in and I got to unwrapping.   

Now that the first 49 are unwrapped, buttoned, numbered and reboxed - I have to figure out the best way to ship them.  My thoughts are flat rate USPS.  That way I won't have to worry about the shipping.  I just print and tag.  Now just to figure out the total cost of all the processing fees so they can be priced at total cost.   

Other than that, it seems like things are coming along great.  I hope to have the total charity up and running by June 29 - Kiera's 6th birthday. 

I am really getting excited about spreading these unicorns around. 

Send a Family To DisneyWorld

Kiera's Kindness is trying to send a family to Disneyworld.  Currently, Disney World is holding a contest at  Disneyworld was probably Kiera's most favorite place in the world (Wet'n'Wild water park being a close second).  Some of her best memories  - making the memories of her family there some of the most cherished.  Kiera wants another child to be able to have those same cherished memories with their family as well, so if we are selected we are going to donate the trip to the Make a Wish Foundation. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Make a Wish - it is one of the most wonderful charities out there.  Sometimes when you can't save the life of a child, you increase the joy.  Make a Wish takes children with life threatening illnesses and grants that child's wish.  They make children a superhero for a day, send them to Africa,  and of course send families to Disneyland and Disneyworld

We have submitted a video of Kiera's Disneyworld trip in hopes that she would win and be able to donate the trip to a family who will get to have the memories that Kiera also cherished.